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Unicorn Club helps young professionals, college students, and other entrepreneurial-minded folks secure jobs at up-and-coming startups.Ā 

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Design that solves problems, one product at a time.

What I can do for you

Faster, better products that your users love. Here's all the services I provide:

Design Strategy
Web and Mobile App Design
Front-end Development
Applications I'm fluent in

Every designer needs the right tools to do the perfect job. Thankfully, I'm multilingual.

What you can expect

I design products that are more than pretty. I make them shippable and usable.

Clean and functional
Device and user friendly
Efficient and maintainable
We'll connect you with opportunities at 50+ companies including:
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Automatic First Rounds.

One application, many jobs.

Candidate preparation service.

New Opportunities regularly.

Startups of all sizes.

High potential venture backed.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does Unicorn Club cost?

It's entirely free for our candidates. We charge companies a placement fee upon successful placement at a job.

How often will IĀ get opportunities?

We'll constantly be scanning our existing base of candidates and identifying good potential matches between open positions and candidates. We'll notify you via email and/or text any time an interesting opportunity pops up which aligns with your skill sets.

Who runs Unicorn Club?

Unicorn Club is an initiative started by DailyDropout.FYI - a startup newsletter read by thousands of readers, investors, and entrepreneurs around the world.

Can IĀ get help with resume review?

Yes - we offer resume reviews to all of our candidates to make it easier for them to land jobs at the startups they want.

I'm part of a startup and want to work with Unicorn Club to get candidates placed.

We'd love to work with you!Ā Email us at dailydropoutsfyi@gmail.com and we can talk about the details.