Frequently asked questions

What kind of startups do you feature?

We feature all sorts of startups - consumer & enterprise, east coast & west coast, founded by new founders & founded by veterans, etc. Only commonality is that all our startups are typically early stage (pre-Series-B).

How can I get featured?

If you are interested in getting your startup featured, email us at dailydropoutsfyi@gmail.com

When's the next event?

We host speaker series events and exclusive Clubhouse events for our subscribers. If you are interested, subscribe to our newsletter and you'll be the first to know about new events.

When do you all drop the Drops?

Drops go out on Tuesday at 8:30am Pacific time.

Do you all invest?

Yes - we are currently formalizing our investment process but if you are interested in having DailyDropout be a part of your latest fundraise, shoot us an email at dailydropoutsfyi@gmail.com

How can I post a listing on your job board?

If you would like to post a listing on our job board, send us an email to dailydropoutsfyi@gmail.com.

What is the premium plan?

DailyDropouts Pro is a plan for people who (a) want to financially support DailyDropout.FYI's initiatives and (b) wants some extra startups in their inbox every month. Most of our pro subscribers are venture capitalists and investors looking for additional investment opportunities.