April 10, 2022
Video Content


This week’s startup is tackling video editing. It’s not new, but Adventr’s drag and drop interface and templates have made it a fast-growth contender to video editing tools.

But first..

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The Elevator Pitch:

Linear video, or traditional video, is the type of video we’re most used to. When someone watches a linear video, they are just provided with a handful of options like fast forward, rewind, change volume, play, pause, and restart the video. Aside from this, there isn’t much you can do. But what if you could engage with a video? Similar to an open-world game, where your decisions have endless possibilities?

To make this possible, Adventr has built an easy-to-use affordable SaaS platform for designing, viewing, and sharing interactive video content that is not only clickable but also lets users text, call, email, and do a variety of other things. The company first refined its product with gaming, but now covers a whole range of categories including music, social media, marketing, and lead advertising.

Adventr uses patented voice-control tech to allow anyone to create  interactive videos | TechCrunch

👇 The Drop Down:

Site: https://adventr.io/

Founded: 2015

Stage: Seed

Tech trend: Video Content, Interactive Content

Traction: Raised $5M in seed funding, 8,000 users including MSI Gaming, SK Interactive, Featured on Yahoo, TechCrunch, and Producthunt.

Team - Business strategists, award-winning filmmakers, and entrepreneurs

Devo Harris (CEO) | Jon-Carlos Rivera (Engineering) | Peter Gerard (Product)

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 📈 Because Video is the new form of Advertising
  2. Nowadays, consumers don’t have time for long content - they are looking to consume information as fast as possible. Simply put, Adventr can make this possible, as it allows users to participate in your story, create relationships, and get to know the content better. Companies using Adventr have reported a +1300% increase in CTR, +271% in total time spent, and +34% in overall purchase intent.
  3. 👫 It is easy to follow and understand
  4. Adventr is built with feasibility in mind, meaning you don’t have to hire a professional video editor to create your video. It is a complete SaaS platform that comes with templates and cards to distribute and share pre-roll content. Users can also customize engagement ranging from voice or touch interaction, wherever they want. Once a video is done, you’ll be provided with a detailed analysis, where you can check the video performance and user data.
  5. 🤩 The story behind Adventr is quite impressive
  6. A few years ago, Founder Devo Harris had a vision of creating a platform where users can interact with video content. While the idea wasn’t new, there were no tools in the market to make that happen. So, Harris learned how to code and released an interactive video on the web - just for fun. Since then, the media poured millions of views, creating endless opportunities for Harris, ultimately motivating him to take a step further. Today, Harris is backed by $5M funding and has successfully launched a patented product that requires no-code and can create fully interactive videos - without spending thousands of dollars.

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