April 10, 2022
Remote Work


Remote work means remote hiring. This week’s startup gives teams the tools to easily implement structured interview processes and make better hires.

The Elevator Pitch:

Empowering an online hiring process means that hiring managers can reach more job seekers, find relevant candidates, and better shortlist the ones that are ideal for the position. In fact, 60% of the HR managers have agreed to use some sort of interviewing solution as it helps them ask relevant questions, schedule interviews, and send notifications to the candidate.

Chatkick is an automated talent acquisition platform that combines best-in-class video screening services with applicant tracking, customizable job boards, and scheduling to speed up the hiring process using Automation and AI. Chatkick is a smart video screening platform that helps global brands, agencies, and freelancers plan, execute and share qualitative research-based conversation at scale. Using advanced AI, Chatkick helps recruiters ask the right question to help safeguard against hiring bias.

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👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://chatkick.com/
Founded: 2019
Stage: Seed
Tech trend: Recruiting
Traction: Platform used by partners like Slack, Lever, Greenhouse, etc; Chatkick has raised several million dollars in funding till date, Streamlined and easy to use product

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 📈 They have done their Homework
    The “work from home” strategy kickstart a new trend. Now, an average marketing manager receives a total of 250 applications per seat. That’s a 108% increase compared to the last decade alone. Chatkick understands the need for better employee management and has built a solution that revolves around the recruitment process. From offering customizable templates to helping managers ask the right questions - They have done their homework and are ready to tap this new market.
  2. 🧑‍💻 Remote team hiring was a problem of the past… but not anymore
    By leveraging prospect history, using advanced track outreach, and engagement solutions, Chatkick keeps the team aligned with shared outreach history. And since the pandemic has already diminished physical interviews, remote work is here to stay. This means Chatkick is tackling one of the fastest-growing markets. And the best part, their solution not only helps hiring managers but also candidates to make the best job decision.

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