April 10, 2022


eThis startup is making life at work easier for everyone. Whether it be through 1-on-1 or on-demand consultation, Bravely is redefining workplace coaching to help employees thrive and grow.

The Elevator Pitch:

The goal of every organization is to have a highly productive and effective workforce to ensure the business is healthy. The Gallup report suggests that the old way of management and annual reviews don’t work anymore. So, what’s the best way to increase productivity? The answer is coaching!

Bravely is democratizing professional coaching. It is the first on-demand coaching platform designed to help companies scale by improving employee performance, engagement, and retention.

👇 The Drop Down:

Site: https://workbravely.com/

Founded: 2017

Stage: Series A

Tech trend: eLearning, Coaching

Traction: Raised $15M Series A funding round, vetted network across 68 countries 24/7, Supported by famous companies including Autodesk, Pinterest, Samsara, Harry’s, etc. Featured on Business Insider, Forbes, CNN, TechCrunch, and Fortune.

Team - Operators, HR Executives, and Problem Solvers

Toby Hervey (Co-Founder) | Sarah Sheehan (Co-Founder)

🔍 Why we like it:

  1. 🗣 They offer specialized consultations
  2. Instead of trying to cater to every department, Bravely is focused on just one - Human Resources. HR deals with workplace complaints, listens to employees, and helps them work through both internal and external issues. However, sometimes, it may seem like HR isn’t on the employee’s side since they also have to keep the company’s best interests in mind. Bravely is focused on serving as a neutral third party for employees that can provide guidance and listen to their issues.
  3. 👫 Bravely Pros - The Finest in the Market
  4. Bravely’s network of certified and rigorously vetted coaches stands ready to serve employees across 68 countries, supporting 33 languages 24/7. Toby Harvey, CEO of Bravely says “With our approach, scalable pricing, and premium access to coaching, Bravely is helping companies cultivate a new culture in the workforce". This is where Bravely Pros comes in handy, they are the finest coaches in their game, having diverse experience and expertise. More than 200 Bravely Pros have joined the network and there are more to come.
  5. 📈 Redefining the traditional coaching model
  6. There are tons of coaching platforms, that have a bigger footprint than Bravely. However, their niche-specific approach and coaching services to all employees regardless of race, title, or identity have led them to become a successful name in the industry. People from underrepresented groups engage with Bravely at rates: 45% of people of color, 61% are women, and 12% by LGBTQ+ people. And they love Bravely for their no-bias approach.

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I Tried Career Coaching With Bravely, and It Was Massively Productive