August 22, 2021
Artificial Intelligence


This week's startup is leveraging AI and machine learning to automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies ultimately yielding retail investors a profit. Let's check them out!

In the past month, Bitcoin skyrocketed and hit $52,000 .... per coin. That's nearly 26,000% increase over the course of a decade. The same story exists for other coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and more. Alphagora knows that cryptocurrencies are the future, and they want to democratize financial asset management by making powerful automatic cryptocurrency trading tools.

⚾ The Elevator Pitch

Alphagora offers a lot of tooling but it revolves around a central theme: automatic cryptocurrency trading tools. At the moment, their suite of tools includes:

  • Automatic order management system that auto-trades based on a scheme set by the trader.
  • Blockchain smart contract that logs Alphagora top strategies so everything is resilient and tamper proof
  • Bitcoin + Ethereum trading signals (using sentiment and scraped live data) to predict future price movements.

… and more! All of these tools are offered under an umbrella subscription.

👇 The Drop Down

School: University of Pennsylvania
Founded: 2019
Stage: Pre-Seed
Tech trend: Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency
Traction: Live automated trading platform, Winner of Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship competitions, Finalists at Blockchain DC Competition,
Founders - UPenn Wharton Alumni & Students
Robert Dowling - CEO
Michaela White - CTO
Roger Ramia - CSO (Strategy)
Alexander Zelloe - CMO

🔍 Our Analysis

  1. 📈 Growing Market for Cryptocurrencies
    According to a recent report published by the ARK Investment group, cryptocurrencies are, and will be, the future. With an exponentially growing market and an estimated 2% of the world already holding some form of cryptocurrencies — there is no doubt that folks will be trading and using cryptocurrencies to transact in the future. Alphagora is riding a wave, perhaps even a tsunami, by making an automatic trading platform before crypto hits its peak.
  2. 🕸 Decentralized at it's Mission
    On their introductory Medium article, Alphagora states that it "is not a hedge fund and will never manage your assets". Although the Alphagora team is building tooling to automatic transact cryptocurrencies, they are holding true to why cryptocurrencies arose in the first place — public appeal towards having a decentralized currency. By choosing not to manage the assets directly, Alphagora made a brave and unconventional move which will resonate with most people who hold cryptocurrencies.
  3. 😁Can they keep up their pace?
    As cryptocurrency undoubtedly gains popularity, we are certain that more financial organizations (i.e. think PayPal, Coinbase, etc) will start thinking about other tools and applications that cryptocurrency holders will want. Will Alphagora be able to outpace and outmaneuver these big entities? We think they can but only time will tell.

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