April 10, 2022


While the internet has had revolutionary advances, its uses and convenience come at a price - security. This week’s California-based startup, Axis Security, wants to secure and manage business applications through modern technology, architecture, and a zero-trust business-centric approach.

The Elevator Pitch:

As technology changes, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to keep their personal and customer information secure. Without any online defense, you leave yourself open to damage, theft, and fraud. Security is vital in keeping yourself safe, and this responsibility isn’t just on one individual, it’s a job of a whole organization.

Axis Security is on a mission to accelerate this transition to a modern workplace through safe and secure connectivity. The company enables organizations to quickly deliver tightly managed global access to stakeholders, employees, and partners through a zero-trust, purpose-built, cloud security infrastructure. Unlike any legacy system, Axis Security's unique application isolates any other resource that one doesn’t require.

👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://www.axissecurity.com/

Founded: 2018

Stage: Series C

Tech trend: Cyber Security

Traction: Backed by $100M+ in funding, Founded by Israel’s 30 Under 30 Alumni, multiple full-fledged product offerings, Featured on Techcrunch and Forbes.

Team - Engineer, security experts, and code-ninjas

Dor Knafo (CEO) | Gil Azrielant (CTO)

🔍 Why we like it:

  1. 📈 Post-pandemic Boom!
    Axis security launched in 2018 with the idea of creating a secure platform, helping customers enable secure contracting and third-parties to remotely access the company’s profile in a safe way. Their plan was already in-line when the pandemic hit - the pandemic just accelerated their approach. The company raised $32M in Series B funding and now has recently announced a total of $100M in Series C funding.
  2. 🏎️ The Axis Platform… Built for convenience
  3. Although Axis Security was already working on a number of solutions, they recently launched a full-fledged platform for businesses to tackle all their security needs in one place. The platform is built with a zero-trust, user-centric access approach to ensure that the least privileges are given to specific businesses and resources. It is 100% scalable, comes with an all-in-one integration, privileged apps, and provides IDP vendors with location-based services.
  4. 🧑‍💻 They are in the cloud already
  5. As the world rapidly moves to cloud infrastructure, Axis Security is on the right rocket. Cloud solutions are everywhere and with this sheer transition of data, there’s always a need for better security and manageability. This is where Axis comes into the game. By offering leveraged security services to edge platforms, they make securing access to businesses and consumers incredibly simple. By doing so, consumers are able to work in a hybrid environment, turning digital experiences and work into a competitive advantage.

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