April 10, 2022


Communities, creators, and brands are emerging as the powerhouses of the metaverse. This week's startup, Bitski, is connecting web3 communities via unique, ownable digital content.

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⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

The NFT space is exploding. Millions and millions of dollars are being poured into artwork, tokens, and more. NFTs used to be hard to acquire, but marketplaces are popping up to make it easy for consumers to buy.

Bitski is on the verge of the commerce layer, connecting creators and brands in one place. The platform aims to allow mainstream brands to bypass the crypto complexities, and sell Augmented Reality skins, art drops, and tokens. All you have to do is set up shop (zero blockchain experience required) and sell. For consumers, you can buy, sell, and even trade virtual goods.

👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://www.bitski.com/
Founded: 2016
Stage: Series A
Tech trend: Blockchain, NFT
Traction: Raised $19 million from Series A, Featured in Forbes, Techcrunch, and cockroach labs.
Team: Serial Programmers, Designers, and Engineer committed towards one-goal
Donnie Dinch (CEO) | Naveen Molloy (COO) | Patrick Tescher (CTO)

🔍 Why we like it

  1. ⛓ Quickly growing & excited market
    Whenever a new product or offering enters the market, there is usually a sudden surge in consumer behavior to give it a go. Similar to juggernauts like Netflix and Shopify, Bitski is built around this same core subscription model — except for digital creators to enjoy premium NFTs. Bitski offers a variety of subscription plans so creators can create their own NFT storefronts (fully customizable) and sell across a wide range of marketplaces.
  2. 🌎 The burden of blockchain - simplified
    One of the biggest problems with existing NFT marketplaces like Rarible and Opensea is slow blockchain transactions. If you tried buying an NFT from traditional platforms you’d expect ~15 minute transaction times (since it takes a while for the network to validate your transaction). Bitski re-imagined this experience by introducing the ‘Blockchain Transaction operator’ - a new way to broadcast your transaction so instead it just takes 1 minute for your transaction to complete!
  3. 💸 Amazing Infrastructure inspired by High Functioning Marketplace
  4. Before the existence of Bitski, Co-founder Donnie Dinch and Naveen Molloy had spent months understanding how NFT marketplaces works. They partnered with CockroachDB, a new blockchain transaction system that powers their platform. This unique database offers them a multitude of benefits like faster transactions to secure ownership of your trade.

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NFT firm Bitski raises $19 million led by Andreessen Horowitz - Ledger  Insights - enterprise blockchain