August 22, 2021
Compact Transportation

City Transformer

Cities are meant for people, not cars. This week’s startup is using that philosophy to build the world’s first foldable EV car that is small enough to fit in a bike parking spot.

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The Elevator Pitch:

Have you ever driven through the crowded streets of San Francisco or New York and wished that you had something a bit smaller?

City Transformer has developed a smaller-than-compact car that can reach speeds of up to 55 mph, retract its wheels, and has a one-meter width. On top of all that, this car is 100% electric and the interiors feature a high-end digitalized user interface for climate control, navigation, entertainment, and more.

👇 The Drop Down

Founded: 2013
Trend: Compact Transportation
Traction: Prototype 1-meter wide vehicle, Featured on Time Inventions 2020, CNN, Reuters, and more, Ready for Commercial by 2023
Team: Veteran Mechanical Engineers and Car Enthusiasts
Asaf Formoza - CEO
Eyal Cremer - CDO
Udo Meridor - COO

🔍 Our Analysis

  1. ⚙️ Impressive specs
    The car has some tech of a Tesla in a much smaller punch: Goes up to 55MPH, fast charges in 10 minutes, has 360-degree sensors and a smartphone app.
  2. 🌎 Climate Friendly
    Besides being cost-effective, these compact cars are also better for the environment. Small cars have lower maintenance, take up less parking space, and have a smaller environmental footprint.
  1. 🛴 A solution for micro-mobility
    Micro mobility is another trend that has gathered steam in the past 5 years. With startups like Lime Scooters and Uber Bikes on the rise, it is obvious that there is a huge need for micro-mobility inner-city transportation systems. We feel that compact cars that can fit in the same area as a motorbike could also solve the same needs as last-mile-scooter solutions — except, with more comfort.

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