August 22, 2021


This week, we jump to Princeton University to spotlight a team tackling an unconventional cross of technology and law. Joseph Avery, a JD/PhD student from Princeton, and the Claudius team are transforming how settlements are evaluated using an unexpected ally: Machine Learning.

⚾ Elevator Pitch

Civil lawsuits for personal injury (PI) cases total $35.2B annually. However, only 4% of cases ever go to trial. As a result, attorney's do not have the data they need to determine when a settlement is fair, and if going to trial is worth it.
Claudius is building "The AI for PI" to help attorneys pick the right cases, evaluate settlements, and simulate strategies for going to trial.

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School: Princeton University
Stage: Pre-Seed
Traction: Early Adopters at 10+ Legal Firms
Team - Lawyers, PhDs, and experts in AI:
Joseph Avery (CEO) | Zhe Chen (CDO) | Ariel Rakovitsky (CTO) | Melanie Weber (Chief Scientist) | Vinicius Pantoja (CRO)

🔍 Why we love it

  1. 📊 Claudius has a monopoly on the data. For the last 1.5 years, as a spinout from Princeton, the Claudius team has gathered detailed records from over 50,000 modern cases. No one has been able to gather this depth of information, making Claudius the only ones capable of building an AI as advanced as theirs. And they're adding new cases every day.
  2. 👨🏼‍💻 Their NLP + ML stack is unrivaled. They've built the world's foremost legal intelligence that speaks legalese. Synthesizing legal, medical, insurance, and employment records is no easy task for NLP. Using federated learning, they're able to continuously learn from their early adopters and get smarter with each case.
  3. 🧠 Their CEO is a Princeton PhD! Joseph is in the midst of his Ph.D. focusing on Computational Law after working as an attorney-at-law for a few years. He has deep knowledge of the problem space and has kicked-off conversations with 30+ law firms to fine tune the product focus and initial target market.

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  • They're hiring! Interviews are running every day. Reach out to the team at to set up some time to chat