April 10, 2022
Relationship Management


Too many connection requests? Tired of recruiters? LinkedIn is powerful, but it’s also performative and public. This week’s startup, Clay, is “LinkedIn’s missing half.”

⚾ The Elevator Pitch

A personal Relationship Manager can come in many ways - your iPhone’s contact list, an artisan Rolodex, or even a diary.

But Clay is rethinking the status quo of tracking relationships - and boy, have they put thought into it. We could describe the app in-depth, but we'll list the features below and let their GIF do the talking.


  • Integrates all your social networks (email, Twitter, LinkedIn, iMessage, etc.)
  • Auto-populates contacts’ personal info (bios, education, social profiles, etc.)
  • Logs previous interactions via smart integrations
  • Tags friends to groups (e.g., birthday parties squad, study groups, etc.)
  • Helps you remember when to reach out to someone, reminding you of birthdays, news mentions, job changes, and more

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👇Drop Down

Site: https://clay.earth/
Founded: 2019
Stage: Seed
Tech trend: Social CRM
Traction: Thousands of paying users, $8 million in seed funding, Featured on TechCrunch
Team: Ex-Product at Goldman Sachs and Ex-Product Design Lead at Custora
Matthew Achariam (Co-CEO) | Zachary Hamed (Co-CEO)

🔍 Our Analysis:

  1. 📈 Powerful integrations across different platforms
  2. One of the key aspects of a good CRM system is to support third-party integrations. Clay is built from the ground up with this idea in mind. To get started, it is available as a web, mobile, and desktop-based application. Second, you can easily connect it with tools like Office 365, Gmail, Google Calendar, and your social profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Once you connect these third-party tools, Clay will automatically sync the new data such as personal connections and meetings from priority entries.
  3. 👫A beautiful user interface that gets you hooked
  4. To make a personal CRM interesting, you have to make sure that all the relevant information is available - at the right time and place. This is exactly where Clay excels — everything is beautifully and intentionally designed. The main interface follows a minimalist approach, but once you click on individual accounts or explore different activities, you’ll get all the integrations and to-do lists.
  5. 🏎️ Backed by seed funding, looking to expand further
  6. The founders, Matthew Achariam and Zachary Hamed say that after the $8 Million seed round, 2022 will be a huge year of growth for Clay. “Emerging from COVID, people are recognizing what had already become true. Relationships are increasingly digital, formed through online interaction and honed through messaging apps. So, how is it that we can be continuously connected, yet increasingly lonely at the same time?” stated Brian O’Malley, one of Clay's investors at Forerunner Ventures. “Clay understands this, and empowers you to customize your network, the way you want” he added.

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