August 22, 2021
Remote Work


⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

Remote managers are having trust issues. Remote managing is a different skill set than face-to-face, and managers had to adjust quickly.

CodeGem's platform revolves around solving this pain point — to give managers a holistic understanding of team productivity, collaboration, and engagement. CodeGem integrates with common tools like Github, Slack, Atlassian Suite, and Google Work Tools. It pulls historical and live data from these platforms to give managers alerts like, "Steve's engagement has dropped 40% since Monday" or other metrics like average response rates, sentiment analysis, collaboration ratings, code-ship rate, and other useful metrics that are common indicators of engineer performance.

Managers can then turn these insights into actionable changes to help support and improve their team.

👇 The Drop Down

School: University of Waterloo
Founded: 2019
Stage: Pre-Seed ($585,000 raised)
Tech trend: Remote Work
Traction: Built out intelligence platform, raised pre-seed round, launched waitlist on website to get early users
Team: Thiel Fellow & Engineering Student from University of Waterloo
Stephanie Mills - CEO & Founder

🔍 Our analysis

  1. 🔨 Timing is great
    Remote work burnout is a real problem that companies around the world are facing. Harvard Business Review recently published a study where they state that "chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed ... is at an all-time high". A tool like CodeGem can help managers identify employees who need help, and then managers can make changes to accommodate— ultimately decreasing employee attrition.
  2. 💸 Huge Market Opportunity
    RWS (Remote Work Software) has been on the rise.
    From ' virtual water cooler conversation' tools to '2d virtual office renderings', we have seen a lot of new innovation in the Remote Work scene. We believe that remote work hasn't peaked yet, and more companies will continue to adopt remote work into their workspaces. FB and twitter have already started moving some employees fully virtual. Most of the times however, only big companies have that tooling in place. CodeGem has created a product that can help small and medium sized businesses achieve the same quality of remote-work experience as larger companies like Google and Facebook and we think that that is a huge opportunity.
  3. 🥵 Micro-managing?
    Where do companies draw the line for employee productivity monitoring? How much insight into employee productivity is too much? This is an active philosophical and ethical question that companies like CodeGem will have to wrangle with.

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