April 10, 2022
NFT & Crypto

Collectible Coffee

This week’s startup is creating a collectible coffee brand where artists will be discovered on grocery store shelves and in the metaverse.

Collectible Coffee

If you’re based in Bay Area, come through to their Disco Party / Art Competition this Friday at 7PM in San Jose. 10-15 artists will showcase their work (DM them on Insta if you want to be featured). Guests will vote on the best design. The winning artist will get a cash prize AND be featured on the next bag of Collectible Coffee, earning 10% of the profits for each bag.

The event is disco-themed, and is a co-op with Salon Blu in downtown San Jose. It is a free event, and there will be food, drinks, coffee sampling, music, and much more.


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⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

The starving artist is a brutal reality - 75% of artists make less than $10k per year. They have very limited platforms for discovery, and their physical art has no way to make it into the digital realm.

Collectible Coffee is creating limited-edition, art-inspired coffee bags, featuring their artwork prominently on the front of the bag. First, they work with artists to create a 3D animated model of their coffee bag. Then, they mint the coffee bag into an NFT and sell it online. Finally, they use the proceeds to create a physical product and sell 100-500 limited edition bags of that coffee bag. Once they’re sold out, they’re gone forever. The best part? Starving artists get a cut of both the NFT sale and the coffee sales.

👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://collectible.coffee/
Founded: July 2021
Stage: Bootstrapped
Tech trend: Web3, Supporting Creators
Traction: 10+ artists queued for art partnerships, distribution in 5 stores, 150 bags sold in just a few weeks!
Team: David Gelovani | Zachary Kor

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 📈 NFTs backed by a physical brand
    A lot of NFTs fail because they can’t successfully build an engaging community. The community that David & Zachary are building towards is destined to have a vibrant community of artists, art enthusiasts, and coffee enthusiasts. By establishing a discovery platform for unique art, they’ll have truly valuable, rare NFTs, with collectibility akin to trading cards. Since they stop after printing up to 500 bags of each design, the bags are poised to become premium, rare collectibles.
  2. 💸 They’ve got the hustle
    When we first met the founders, they were bagging coffee at 2am, and sealing each individual bag. They juggled different suppliers to make sure they got the right coffee for their brand. They are hungry, and chasing after larger brand deals to get their premium coffee on the shelves of large retail chains.
  3. 💯 Quality vision & product
    Collectible Coffee puts its artists first. The artist has complete exposure over the front of the bag, printed on high-quality matte material. In addition to featuring the artists’ work, they plan to interview them and tell their story.
  4. They’re thinking about community events like podcasts about the intersection of coffee and art to give the artist a chance to speak about their craft. These events will make them very successful at community building and drive the success of their product.

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