December 27, 2021
Crypto / Web3


Cryptocurrency & NFTs are changing the way we transact & monetize digital assets this decade. This week’s drop is making it easy for creators, artists, and entertainers to monetize their content in a futuristic way!

The Elevator Pitch:

Crypto-enthusiasts have spent over $2.1B on NFTs (non-fungible tokens) this year. NFTs make it possible to own photos, videos, art, or other digital assets entirely on a blockchain, but that often means you have to own cryptocurrency in order to own an NFT.

Dime is making it possible for anyone to start creating, buying, and selling NFTs, without buying cryptocurrency first. Creators & brands simply upload their digital asset, easily build their online store, and then anyone can use a credit card and pay in USD: no barriers or transfer fees.

👇 The Drop Down

Founded: 2021
Trend: Cryptocurrency & NFTs
Traction: Raised seed round, YC company, built defensible tech
Benjamin Share - ex. Google & Facebook from Stanford
Aaron Barbieri-Aghib - Fintech Engineer from U Chicago

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 🦾 Defensible tech
    NFTs are traded on top of Ethereum using “smart contracts”. Unfortunately, it costs gas to execute an Ethereum smart contracts, causing creators to lose up to half their hard-earned money. Instead, Dime decided to build their own smart contract framework on a much cheaper cryptocurrency, so transaction costs take almost nothing from consumers.
  2. 💵 Huge opportunity backed by real value
    There’s already been $2.1B in NFT transactions this year, and that’s just for individuals who have made the leap from fiat to crypto. Dime has an opportunity to lower the barrier to entry for the mass public to engage in NFTs. Furthermore, they’re committed to providing a quality first-time experience with NFTs, ensuring the assets on their site are high quality & hold real value.

🤝 Get involved with Dime

  • Sign up to buy or create your own NFTs
  • Join their team! Dime just raised a round & is looking for engineers, designers, & marketers to take their company to the next level. Drop us a note at Unicorn Club