April 10, 2022
Electric Vehicles

Eli Electric

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In a world of innovation and technology, Eli is ready to introduce more affordable, efficient, and advanced electric vehicles designed to make your urban trips more fun and convenient.

⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

From the environmental impact to helping you save a lot of fuel, maintenance costs, and taxes - EVs are becoming more mainstream than ever. In terms of expenditure, a fully electric vehicle could cost you a quarter of what a traditional diesel or petrol car might. And since the majority of the car trips are under 3 miles, imagine the savings one can add up.

Eli Electric Vehicle - A Los Angeles-based EV venture, reimagines personal vehicles by focusing on value rather than size. The company’s first vehicle, Eli ZERO, is one of the most affordable, versatile, and energy-efficient electric vehicles - designed for modern cities. The micro EV comes in 1/2 of the size of an average sedan, costs 1/2 less, has zero emissions, and is 3-10x more efficient than a regular car.

Eli’s innovative structure simplifies the traditional automobile production process. With an established and fast-scaling supply chain model, Eli Electric is competitive and capital-efficient.

👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://www.startengine.com/eli
Founded: 2015
Stage: Reg CF
Tech Trend: Electric Vehicles, Micro-mobility, CleanTech
Traction: $31.7M valuation, in small-batch production, sales of Eli ZERO in Europe, 2000+ Investors, Featured on Techcrunch and Electrek
Founder: Marcus Li (CEO) - Engineer, Designer, and Serial entrepreneur

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 🚗 The Evolution in Personal Mobility
    The fast-growing market for micro-mobility in the US, EU, and China is expected to become a ~$320B market by 2030. Rapid urbanization and electrification are calling for a new type of EV, that is more sustainable, cost-efficient, and convenient for short urban trips.
  2. 📈 Already in Production, Ready to Go
    Eli is not a concept or prototype - After years of hard work, designing, engineering, and prototyping - Eli's first model is fully homologated and in small-batch production for Europe. The company has partnered up with established European micro-mobility distributors to launch sales through their dealer’s network. Additionally, Eli continues to receive interest from businesses and consumers around the world, despite minimal marketing effort.
  3. 🙌🏽 Their Vision is clear of the future
  4. Eli has raised over $2 Million on StartEngine’s platform and is currently valued at $31.7M. “Instead of doing B2C, we’re taking a traditional approach to sales. We have established partnerships with distributors to launch our vehicle in European countries” said Marcus Li, CEO of Eli. After launching the first model, Eli is looking forward to expanding its lineup and exploring new revenue streams in the future.

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