April 10, 2022
Smart Clothing


From measuring athletic performance to tracking fitness, countless products offer personalized health and wellness feedback and data. This week’s startup wants to take that to the next level by providing a premium smart insole that can measure body weight and analyze your day-to-day behavior.

⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

We all love a good pair of shoes. They are an essential part of our lives. But when we think of shoes combined with technology, there isn’t something that comes to mind. Well, imagine if people could measure their daily physical activity and sitting time? Combine this with bodyweight calculation without standing on the scale? Sounds too good to be true? Embry is building just that.

Embry Insoles for shoes automate and register changes in the user's weight and analyze behavior based on different sensors, helping them reach their health goals.

👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://embry.tech/
Founded: 2018
Stage: Pre-seed
Tech Trend: Fitness, HealthTech
Traction: $600K raised in a funding round, Featured on ARMRadio.
- Behavioral scientists, executives, and designers
Sargis Karapetyan (CEO) | Liana Avetian (Head of BD) | Nare Gevorgyan (CDO)

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 👣 Visible Results… Effortless Tracking
    Work, walk, sit, relax, stand, run, or do whatever you like - Embry helps you stay in shape. By using advanced automation and AI, the product provides accurate data on your daily activity. Embry allows you to effortlessly track this data in real-time.
  2. 🥾 Traction at an early stage
    Despite being at the pre-seed stage, Embry is already drawing attention. They have already collected over 1,000 responses to continually develop their product, which has also led them to a $600K pre-seed raise.
  3. 📈 Built with a vision
    Today, Embry is just a way to track data like weight and activity. However, the founders have a much larger vision. They want Embry to be a wellness monitoring tool in the next 5 years, and ultimately a medical device.

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Embry Premium Smart Insoles | Embry.Tech