August 22, 2021
Social Media & AI


Tired of awkward, boring virtual happy hours? This next start-up may have just solved video connecting for the future. Let’s check out Glimpse!

⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

It seems these days that we have tools for everything. While productivity may be at an all-time high, our ability to authentically connect to our classmates, colleagues, co-workers, and friends has reached an all-time low. Events are scrambling to find the right platform to create social atmospheres (and failing every time).

Glimpse pitches themselves as, "The best way to bring together groups of 4 to 400,000 through 1-on-1, back-to-back video chat. What's special is Glimpse breaks down social dynamics into an exact science, and then uses AI to automatically create amazing video chat experiences. Breakout rooms and bulky Zoom calls are a thing of the past. With Glimpse, you get engaging 5-minute lightning talks with people Glimpse knows you'll click with. With everything from ice breakers, to games, to photo-booths, Glimpse has created a truly E2E social experience. Oh, and they've got security, admin controls, and analytics to make the experience simply magic.

πŸ‘‡ The Drop Down

Founded: 2020
Stage: Pre-Seed
Tech trend: Social Media & AI
Traction: 150k users, multiple paying customers (from universities to SpaceX), and a little something-something going on with Zoom's Business Development Team πŸ˜‰β€” seriously do not miss out.
Team -Duke Undergraduates with a Dropout Pact & a Dream
Helena Merk - Founder & CEO
Brian Li - Co-Founder & COO

πŸ” Why we like it

  1. πŸ“ˆ Adoption like you've NEVER SEEN
    Remember in Silicon Valley when the servers literally caught fire from usage overload? Don't be surprised if this happens to Glimpse. In the last month, their user base has DOUBLED. So much of that growth is sustained & organic, but their go-to-market strategy is completely unfair. While they dropped out, they're DEEPLY networked with universities, greek life, recruiters, mixers, and more. They've landed tons of global organizations and university partnerships that slingshot their virality 'round the world to defy all laws of user adoption.
  2. πŸ‘€ They've Seen a Glimpse of the Future
    If you ask the team what they're working on, no one says "a social video platform." They say "we're inventing the future of digital communication." This team has crisp insights on social dynamics and understands how to break down conversational barriers. Helena & Brian are perfectly aligned on their vision for the company and have crisp product sense to only build features that feed back into the product for increased adoption.
  3. β˜• People love it
    Have you ever seen such a diverse array of product testimonials? The Glimpse sails seem to have caught wind from across all organizations: Greek life, tech companies, academia, and more. What makes Glimpse so enticing to investors is that the product can apply to any group that needs connection. That's a lot of customers they can target.

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