August 22, 2021
Data visualization


The Elevator Pitch:

News publishing has been the same for years: walls of text, with some custom-built charts for important news bites, such as a presidential election or a fallout story. But data is everywhere - why don't we have more chart visuals? A few reasons: scarcity (hard to find), inaccessibility (hard to get), technicality (hard to make).

HighGeorge transforming news publishing by creating data visualizations that you can drag-and-drop into articles. No data background required. To do so, HiGeorge has a library that contains a plethora of interactive data visualizations to supplement different articles and storylines - all of which can be localized to any region and customized to meet specific requirements. One simply searches by keyword, topic, or location to find the perfect graph. Then, publishers add the visualization to your article by simply copying-and-pasting an embed code.

👇 The Drop Down

Founded: 2019
Stage: Seed
Trend: Data visualization; no-code
Traction: Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator, YC21, dozens of graph placements in top articles, advisory board with publishers from The Guardian, New York Times, Rotten Tomatoes, and
Team -Talented entrepreneurs
Anuj Saigal - CEO
Amir Zohrenejad - CTO

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 🔥 Desperate use case
    The number of media players in the last decade has skyrocketed, and each outlet is looking for a way to differentiate. At the same time, share of readers' time has gone down on each news article. HiGeorge helps news publishers (who may be non-technical) fill a need to make their articles easier to read and interesting.
  2. 📈 Easy to use
    HiGeorge takes the fuss out of data visualization and truly owns their process end-to-end. They gather the data, filter it, visualize it, and the only thing to do for publishers is to paste code. That's beautiful.
  3. 🔢 Adjacent industries Media isn't the only industry that wants data visualization - and needs a no-code solution to do it. We see Hi George filling data visualizations for other verticals as well, including municipalities, early-stage startups, and research.

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