August 22, 2021


Raise your hand if you’re guilty of opening 20 tabs worth of content that you never get around to. This week’s startup will make sure you actually make the most of what seems interesting on the web.

⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

Content creation is at an all-time high as the internet is flooded with new writers, podcasters, speakers, and more. With information overload, it’s harder than ever to find the content worth reading and grab the key takeaways.

While the spike in content creation can be overwhelming, Joggo helps make your content consumption more efficient . Once you have Joggo in your browser, you can save content from anywhere to your “JogBox.” In your JogBox, you can organize, tag, and prioritize the content that’s most important for you.

Best of all, Joggo’s community will write their own short snippets, called “Jogs,” so you can “look before you leap” into your next reading session. See below 👇

👇 The Drop Down

Founded: 2019
Stage: Seed
Tech trend: Productivity
Traction: 1000s of users, strong organic growth, $MMs raised
Team: Ed Shrager - Founder & CEO - ex. founding team at SoftBank

🔍 Our analysis

  1. 🕧 Time is ticking
    They say the best products save you money or save you time. Joggo does the latter pretty clearly: there’s way too much stuff to get through. Joggo setting out to organize the info deluge is noble and increasingly relevant. On top of organizing, Joggo proactively summarizes most of your popular pieces means you’re bound to save time (the summaries are great as they're done by a large community of smart students from top schools such as Harvard, Stanford and Penn)
  2. 💪 Strong product market fit
    Joggo knew that the tech / VC ecosystem would be perfect for a solution like this: There has been a 250% growth rate in tech content communities in the last few years. Joggo helping organize and recommend content means tech/entrepreneurs spend more time actually consuming content than sifting through it.
  3. 🥾 Scrappy team unafraid of bootstrapping
    Every online community has to tackle the “chicken-and-egg” problem. Without a wealth of high-quality summaries, Joggo would have a limited value proposition and would struggle to retain users. Instead, Joggo collected over 5,000 high-quality pieces of content & bootstrapped writing out thousands of Jogs in order to launch a platform that had a strong initial value proposition.

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