August 22, 2021
Content Creator


This week's startup, Letterhead, has created a platform that centralizes the core pieces of newsletter creation and management into one streamlined product. Let's check them out!

⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

Today is the age of the content creator and creators, like newsletter writers, are looking for tools that help them create a brand, publish beautiful content, and monetize their work. Letterhead has put together a suite that supports newsletter writers on all of these fronts.

Letterhead's product suite helps writers sell any ad or sponsorship they could imagine, gathers automated metrics for publications, sets up a virtual 'advertising store' to line up advertisers, and provides no-code easy templates for beautiful, inbox-friendly newsletters. Their product suite helps newsletters go from creation to monetization in just a few clicks.

πŸ‘‡ The Drop Down

Founded: 2015
Background: Founders Run $1.5 mil ARR Newsletters
Tech trend: Content Creators
Traction: Used by notable newsletters like California Sun, The New Tropic, and The FlipSide, Built out robust Web Application
Team - Expert Newsletter Writers
Chris Sopher - CEO
Rebekah Monson - Co-Founder

πŸ” Our analysis

  1. πŸ•Έ Consolidation is Key
    There is a huge set of tools on the market currently for newsletter creators. Everything ranging from tools like Substack for distribution and content creation to tools like Hubspot for sponsorship searching. The problem is newsletter writers don’t want to deal with the process of finding all these tools, integrating them, and building their own workflow. Writers want a hassle-free experience so they can focus on what they love β€” writing! Letterhead has created this hassle-free experience and that's why we are so excited about them.
  2. πŸ’Έ Huge Market Opportunity
    The content creation space is huge in general (as one can see from the success of products like TikTok and Substack) and we think that Letterhead is riding a huge wave. The email marketing market had a pre-pandemic market size of roughly $2 billion. But, with products like Substack, there are a lot more email content creators out there and that market size is far, far larger. If Letterhead can crack the code to convincing newsletter writers to join them, they are going to be following some major tail winds.

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