August 22, 2021
Alternative Investing


How much money do you think can fit in a 30" x 21" x 1" shape? If you're estimating the thickness of a Benjamin, you are way off. The Mona Lisa is worth over $867M. This week’s startup makes it possible for anyone to own a piece of modern art.

The Elevator Pitch:

Over $64B is spent on trading art in a given year. We can see why: Contemporary Art has outperformed the S&P 500 by 174% over the last 25 years.

Masterworks allows anyone to invest in contemporary, blue-chip art. It’s simple: Masterworks buys the best art with the highest chance of appreciation. Then, Masterworks lets you purchase shares of art by a particular artist. Finally, you hold your shares until the painting is resold for a profit, or you also have the opportunity to resell your shares early in their secondary market.

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👇 The Drop Down

Founded: 2017
Trend: Alternative investing
Traction: 150k+ users, $150M+ in art value, over 50 different SEC-qualified offerings available for investment.
Team: Chairman of a VC, former FinTech founder
Scott Lynn - Founder

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 🧑‍🎨 Best art out there
    Masterworks has done tons of research to make sure they offer the best art investments on the market. Their data science team has digitized and analyzed over 75 years of auction data. We particularly like that they've chosen to focus on Contemporary Art, not older classics. These works of art have the greatest potential to yield big-time returns.
  1. 🧠 Great UI/UX
    Art is notorious for having to hire appraisers to sift through the finances of “art speak”. Masterworks takes the guesswork away, making it easy to invest in ETF-like shares as you would with any other stock.
  2. 🌧️ Understanding liquidity
    Another problem in art is liquidity. Being locked down with a painting until you can sell it is a very high burden to place on a shareholder, but their invention of a secondary market for shares of artwork solves that problem and lowers the friction associated with art investing.

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