April 10, 2022
E-learning + Gaming


When you think ‘personal trainer’, you probably think fitness. But this week’s startup, Metafy, takes personal improvement to a different dimension — gaming!

The Elevator Pitch:

To get better at any game, you need to invest a lot of time and effort to get “gg’s” from your teammates. Until now, official coaching has only been available to the pros.

Metafy, a new startup marketplace will help you connect to some of the best “champion-level” coaches in the world. Starting at just $15/hour, supporting 130+ high-level games and, boasting 1,050+ world-class coaches — Metafy is committed to taking your standard gaming experience to the next level.

Real juggernauts of gaming are coaching on this platform - from MkLeo (Super Smash Bros Ultimate), to Ryuu (Rocket League), and more.

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👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://metafy.gg/
Founded: 2020
Stage: Seed
Tech Trend: E-learning + Gaming
Traction: 1,050+ Coaches, $5.5 raised in a seed round, Featured on TechCrunch and Crunchbase News.
Team - Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Creators
Josh Fabian (CEO) | Alex Gilmore (PM) | Shaun Hinklein (VP Growth)

🔍 Why we like it

📈 1 Million Jobs in Gaming…more to come!

In 2021, gaming was roughly a $175 billion industry, making it one of the largest media categories by revenue. The game coaching market is already estimated at $1 billion. With that much excitement and growth, there’s a high demand for professional players. Today, Metafy is actively developing technologies that can take part in this billion-dollar market. As the future of work is remote, digital-first, and flexible - Metafy’s commitment to the “trainer’s first” approach is proving useful.

👫 Trainer’s first approach… useful for the Marketplace

Don’t think of Metafy as a marketplace where you can hire a professional CS:GO player to help you improve your aim. Though that was the idea, a full 0% of the company’s current gross market value comes from professional titles. Instead of pursuing trainees, they are more focused on their coaches as the main customers. This allows the startup to make coaching a full-time gig and spend more time on the platform.

🙌 They are backed by some of the best investors

Although the pandemic was tough, it boosted some of the markets at a point to which they are now considered unstoppable. Metafy has previously raised $5.5M from its seed round, led by Forerunner. Metafy CEO said that “We’re empowering gamers with tools necessary to make a living” and they’re staying true to what they set out to do - gamers and coaches love them!

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