August 22, 2021
Server Technology


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Amazon Web Services. Google Cloud. Self Hosting. Kubernetes. Cloud-based computing rules the world today; it's the modern version of real estate, and as with all limited resources, people are always looking for the best "plot of land" or premium computing resource. NanoVMs is building an innovative and powerful new cloud computing system to bring in the new generation of cloud infrastructure.

The Elevator Pitch:

For the past 50 years, server-side operating system (OS) architecture has been stagnant. Industries have risen and fallen yet the underlying technology supporting decades of innovation has been stable. NanoVMs is here to change that.

There are fundamental issues with how modern server-side OS’s are built. First, it is very verbose — current Linux kernels have 19 million lines of code and 2,800+ executables. That's a lot of room and opportunity for a hacker to go in and wreak havoc. Second, old architecture isn't able to scale significantly from 10 virtual machines to 10,000 machines without heavy time and capital investment. Finally, the old architecture was extremely expensive.

NanoVMs uses a new 'unikernel infrastructure' that is simple in construction (27k lines instead of 19 million lines of code), it's cheaper, and scales much easier from 10 VMs to 10,000 VMs. Overall, it’s a significantly better option compared to legacy systems.

👇 The Drop Down

Founded: 2015
Trend: Server Infrastructure
Traction: Raised $2.4 million in funding, works with U.S Air-force, 4 patents filed, 2 issued. Live product that makes revenue. Currently raising funding, invest today
Team - Entrepreneur and Experienced Software Engineer
Ian Eyberg - Founder and CEO

🔍 Why we like it

1.💡 Innovative Technology Creates a Deep Moat
NanoVMs is not just another food delivery company — they are tackling a hard problem that requires specialization and years of investment to execute. Building unikernel server operating systems that are scalable, cheap, and consolidated in only thousands of lines of code (instead of millions) is a tough task and will be hard to replicate by competitors.

2. 🧠 Strong traction
NanoVMs is already working with huge clients like the U.S Department of Energy, AMGEN, PayWax, and the U.S Air Force with whom they have an Indefinite Quantity Contract ($950M+ in value) for a ABMS (Air Force Advanced Battle Management System). This type of system requires a ton of processing power — a perfect use case for NanoVMs unikernel technology.

3. 🌍 HUGE Target Market
Server virtual machines is a universal need. Everything from Uber, Facebook, Google to Wells Fargo and Best Buy have heavy computing needs. If NanoVMs cracks the case to mass adoption, we believe they are well on their ways to being the next trillion dollar corporation.

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