September 3, 2021

On Deck

We’re seeing startup communities popping up fast: from LaunchHouse to PartyTime.FYI. This week’s startup, On Deck, puts a fresh twist on founder community building.

Daily Dropout Exclusive:
On Deck, this week’s drop, is looking for entrepreneurial minds to join their Catalyst Cohort. Apply by September 7th!

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🚀 Elevator Pitch

It’s COVID, and that means finding resources for your billion-dollar idea can be hard. Founders can turn to the classics, like TechStars or Y Combinator, but these incubators are scarce and overly competitive.

On Deck has created the community engine to incubate founders and ideas. For an X-week course and price, On Deck will connect you with top experts in a particular subject area. The “subject area” is far-reaching: programs span sectors - such as EdTech, FinTech, BioTech, investors, and careers - such as Chief of Staff, Product Management, and more.

On Deck approaches their work with an “everything you need to become a..” mentality. For example, their Chief of Staff (CoS) program includes mentorship from the CoS at Reddit, first-hand advice, a dynamic library of resources, and more.

👇 The Drop Down

Founded: 2015
Trend: Startup communities
Traction: 19+ unique On Deck programs, 400+ companies founded from On Deck, 2,100+ fellows, $500mil+ raised from alumni ventures
Team - Investors, Writers, and leaders
David Booth - CEO
Erik Torenberg - Founder, Chairman

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 🪐 A network like you’ve never seen
    One of the biggest differentiating factors about On Deck is its expansive network. While startup communities have been popping up, a hard thing to replicate is the people. Through its find-and-teach model, On Deck has sourced from the likes of Greylock Partners (Sarah Guo), Founders Fund (Keith Rabois), and more.
  2. 👀 Universities better watch out
    One of the most common reasons people state that they go to university is to build & grow deep connections with other people in their class — the price tag? $120,000+. That is a lot of money that a lot of people can’t afford. What we love about On Deck is that they offer folks the same opportunities to create meaningful connections with other ambitious people at a fraction of the cost (or none - with scholarships). No tuition, no expensive dorms, no expensive meals — just quality relationships and memorable experiences.

🚀 You’ve read about them. Are you in?

On Deck is inviting Daily Dropout readers to apply for its Catalyst Cohort. By nature of reading the newsletter, we think you’d be a good fit. Apply by September 7th.

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