January 9, 2022
Artificial Intelligence


This week’s startup is making all online meetings insightful by offering real-time analytics that both business owners and participants can check.

The Elevator Pitch:

Have you ever wondered how your meetings are going? Well, we can’t read minds, but we can certainly read human behavior.

Read AI uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and computer vision to measure live engagement of online meeting attendees. Yes, their product is literally a real-time dashboard with really cool information: Talk-time of each participant, live sentiment analysis, and engagement scores. Best of all, Read integrates with platforms like Zoom and Webex and will soon support more programs.

How may one use this? If a presenter sees engagement is down, they can pause and ask a question to the audience. Simple feedback loops like this can drastically improve meeting quality.

👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://www.read.ai/
Founded: 2021
Stage: Seed
Tech trend: Artificial Intelligence
Traction: Raised $10mn Seed round, 100+ Active companies since launch, Featured in TechCrunch, TechRadar, ZDNet, and 9To5Mac.
Team - Software Engineer, Data Scientist, and AI lovers
David Shim (CEO) | Elliott Waldron (COO) | Andrew Powers (SSE)

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 👨‍💻 Waze for meetings
  2. Bad meetings not only waste time, but they also affect the morality of attendants. Studies show that at least half of the meetings carried out by companies are classified as “unproductive”. It can be either because the presenter wasn’t prepared or the listeners are not ready for such a brief. David Shim, CEO Read AI, says “Read Dashboard is Waze for meetings”. As the program provides real-time analysis for both participants and the leaders, one can easily understand how the meeting is going on and where to go next.
  3. 🔒 A tool with security in mind
  4. An app that uses your voice and facial expression immediately instinct the quality and vulnerability of the security and how the data will be used. Shim went on with this in mind and collaborated with some of the leading data science engineers in the industry. He says the company has taken keen steps to ensure the collaboration of meetings is not alarming. Starting from the basics, they have a no-log policy - meaning that the audio and video data will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. Furthermore, they also ensure that the data you share via zoom/Webex calls and the chat is also secured from the program.
  5. 🙌 Possibilities are endless… There’s more to come
  6. The potential value of tools like Read AI is clear, the global video conference market valued at $4.2 billion in 2020, which is expected to touch $10 billion by 2025. The implementation of this tool was right on track, but there is still a lot to cover. Shim was quick to note that this is the first edition of their idea, they will soon launch a more polished version of this, along with tons of new changes and integration among different software. Over time, he says the company will move towards customers' recommendations and collect data based on all-important anonymity - which is a perfect way to improve your user experience.

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