January 9, 2022
Real Estate


🚨 Investment Opportunity🚨

As a Daily Dropout reader, you are invited to invest in this week's startup, reAlpha. Read on to learn more!

Invest in reAlpha

Currently, there are over 7.4 million short-term rental properties around the world that generate a combined $1.2 trillion in revenue every year! This week’s startup, reAlpha, is leveraging the short-term rental model to generate alpha-returns for their users. Let’s check them out!

reAlpha - IBN (InvestorBrandNetwork)

The Elevator Pitch:

It’s no secret, real estate investment is the proven roadmap to long-term wealth. Ask all the billionaires with 21-40% of their net worth invested in it. Now, Airbnb has created an entirely new model within real estate: Short-term rentals. Airbnb scaled from a startup with air mattresses in living rooms to a $124 billion short-term rental empire. But what if you aren’t a part of the billionaires club? How could you possibly afford the expensive down payments that go into purchasing rental properties.

reAlpha is making this lucrative short-term rental asset class available to everyone. reAlpha merges the most historic asset with the technology and business model of the future: Airbnb.  reAlpha sources and scores properties from the wholesale market using a proprietary AI-driven algorithm called reAlphaBRAIN. It then predicts the viability of each property for the short-term rental market, as well as the projected long-term value.  Compared to long-term rental properties, reAlpha's properties have shown 70%+ returns. reAlpha then gives their members exclusive access to these properties, minimizes down payments to as low as $2,500 (for partial ownership,) and takes care of all the maintenance that goes into Airbnb upkeep.

👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://www.invest.realpha.com/
Founded: 2020
Stage: Raising Reg A+ (Invest Today!)
Tech Trend: Real Estate Investment
Traction: There has been $6M+ raised to date led by a $1.3B real estate group, they’ve secured a $200M credit facility from a top 3 Private Equity fund, developed multiple technologies, and reAlpha was featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider, etc.
Team: A team of disruptors and NASDAQ listed founders
Giri Devanur - CEO
Monaz Karkaria - COO
Mike Logozzo - CFO
Christie Currie - CMO

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 🏡 Remote work & short term rentals are hot
    Recently, Airbnb mentioned in their tech conference that “remote work is here to stay.” We believe that more companies are going to adopt remote work and as such, more employees will want to explore and live (temporarily) in different parts of the world. This, in turn, means the prices of short-term rentals will  go up and generate  more revenue for Airbnb owners. This means more revenue for reAlpha users.
  2. 💸 Democratization of Investing
    As we’ve seen from the success of companies like Coinbase and Robinhood, retail investors love it when once-difficult investments become accessible and easy. reAlpha is streamlining the process of owning an Airbnb property, setting it up for short-term rentals, maintaining the property, and making money. We love that they’re taking this a step further and not just enabling people to become members…but shareholders. This has the potential to create a powerful and virtuous cycle between shareholders, members and guests.  
  3. 🌴 Real Moments
    Oh yeah…did we mention they are giving shareholders the ability to experience their investment through free stays at their properties?

🚀 You’ve read about them, but are you ready to invest?

Right now you can get in at the ground floor valuation for just $1,000. reAlpha’s SEC-qualified shareholder round is now open and they’re raising up to $75M, which will fuel expansion to $1.5 Billion worth of properties. If you’re interested in investing or want to learn more, check out their campaign.

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