August 22, 2021
Social Networks


How many times have you reached out to someone for the first time in years and thought to yourself: "Damn, this is awkward, but I need to reconnect." Staying engaged with the key players in your network is impossible. At least, unless you have Ripplink.

The Elevator Pitch:

Everyone has some kind of personal CRM: A spreadsheet buried away in folders, your iPhone, or simply your brain. The problem with these Rolodexes is that they are a passive way to manage your relationships. It doesn't matter how many push notifications you set, these systems are NOT sticky and make it HARD to maintain connections.

Ripplink provides an intelligent, unified feed of contacts in your life. They integrate with your Twitter, GSuite, LinkedIn, email, even your texts, to find the authentic content you can use to reconnect with the most valuable members of your network. Let’s say you’re a sales rep that bonded with a prospect over golf, but they told you they wouldn’t have budget until FY2023. Instead of coming out of the cold 2 years later, Ripplink will give you interesting content to share with that person and keep the relationship warm.

👇 The Drop Down

Founded: 2019
Stage: Bootstrapped
Tech trend: Social Networks, Machine Learning
Traction: Over 600 people on their waitlist. UC Launch Accelerator cohort. 5 star reviews from early adopters.
Team: CS + Business Double Major from UC Irvine
Julian Rachman - Founder & CEO

🔍 Our analysis

  1. 🧪 Social Dynamics is a Science.
    The Ripplink team has discovered a social phenomenon known as "top-of-mindfulness." Within your rolodex of thousands of contacts, the bottom 95% usually don't have immediate value. The best leverage of your time is the top-of-mind relationships. The team has sat down with TikTok Data Scientists to understand how to build ensembles of models that work in concert to create a powerful AI to serve engaging content, strengthen connections, and optimize your time.
  2. 📈 Move Over Marissa Mayer, This Market is Too Hot to Share
    Apparently, this market is hot, as Marissa Mayer (former Yahoo CEO) has spent 2 years on Sunshine Contacts, a competitor. One VC even tweeted that it looks "like a wireframe made in PowerPoint for a college pitch competition." Ripplink's product, by comparison, goes beyond simple contact deduplication and augmentation to automate your networking flow. Startups need to provide 10x value over existing products to achieve mass adoption, so we’re excited to see how Ripplink will continue to innovate.
  3. 💰 Huge Potential for Sales Teams
    The use cases for contact enhancement, re-engagement, and relationship building is still unexplored. One area that will be transformed is sales, where "not now, but later" is usually a lead killer. While CRM sends you breaking down people's front door each quarter, Ripplink shows another path to the porch: build relationships continuously, build on your contact’s content/life, and have warm follow-ups.

🎤 Founders Corner

BONUS: Founder's Story

Back in 2018, Julian attended Internapalooza. There, he was enamored by incredible people he met. Thousands of insane interns, solid speakers, and riveting role models. His first thought: "How am I going to learn and get to know all these incredible people?"

Since then, Julian has dedicated his life to this space. He tried a bunch of different ways to nurture his connections. Everything from NFC business cards to event platforms to networking tools. After a year of experimenting with many different products, Julian finally found Ripplink as a solution that just works. Now, he's going to make Ripplink the new standard in caring for your connections.

Founders who chase the opportunity jump ship to the next big thing. Founders who fall in love with a space, are here to change that world. Forever.

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