April 10, 2022


Your next house could be planned by AI 🤖. This week’s startup is supercharging real-estate planning through AI software.

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Zoom, Hangouts, and even Slack are starting to get BORING! We at Daily Dropout wanted to quickly plug our favorite virtual communication platform, Orbital.

Orbital makes virtual remote workspaces, called galaxies, where teams can hold unlimited conversations, walk around with your avatar, and use collaborative tools like whiteboards!

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May 5th 2021

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⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

From redefining our capabilities to helping us craft complex objects, AI is important, because for the first time, traditional human capabilities can be taken into software consideration. It’s a technology that can be applied to every sector to enable better opportunities. Although AI is thriving in many fields, there are still some that remain behind the game - case in point, the architecture and planning sector.

Spacemaker AI doesn’t threaten architects — it empowers them by helping maximize the productivity of building a site. The tool offers great insights to architects, municipalities, and real estate developers that can minimize cost, time, and human effort. For example, one of their tools allows you to check out buildings in 360 degree views - so everyone from construction workers to architects are aligned.

👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://www.spacemakerai.com/
Founded: 2016
Stage: Series A
Tech trend: Artificial Intelligence; Construction; PropTech
Traction: Raised $25 million Series A round in 2019, Clemens EIENDOM, NREP, Valode & Pistre, storebrand customer partner, 1!0+ Employee, 7 locations, 15 nationalities, acquired by Autodesk for $240M, featured on Techcrunch and Architosh.
Team: Architecture, creative designer, and tech enthusiastic
Havard Haukeland (CEO) | Halvor Aurmo (CFO) | Carl Christensen (CTO) | Arif Mirza (HOBD)

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 📈 10x construction solution via AI-assisted design
    Spacemaker offers an AI-assisted design and construction software that enables property professionals such as architects, urban planners, and real estate developers to make optimal environmental and design decisions. To achieve this, Spacemaker AI crunches various data including physical preferences, design elements, regulations, environmental factors, and other custom settings.
  2. "Today developers are exploring largely sites “by hands.” Given the rate at which our industry is growing, we can't build a sustainable environment with those methods. By offering them an AI solution, they (architects) get to explore 20-30 options at the most optimistic settings”, says Spacemaker CEO Håvard Haukeland.
  3. 🤳 They are already making headlines
    Autodesk, the U.S. publicly listed software company, has recently acquired Spacemaker at a price of $240 million. “It was never our plan to sell the company, but we believe that by working with Autodesk, we can share our vision,” says Haukeland. Autodesk, however, plans to keep Spacemaker an autonomous unit or to not interfere with the company's current profile and startup ethos.
  4. 👫 They are trusted by the best in the industry
    As the company expands to new horizons, they’ve been getting beneficial customer partnerships. So far, Spacemaker has expanded to 7 locations, including Paris, Amsterdam, Boston, and Oslo. By offering cross-border services, they have successfully partnered with industry leaders, including Valode & Pistre, NREP, Clemens Elendom, and more. Spacemaker also has an experienced team, currently at 110 people from fields like business, technology,  and architecture design.

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