April 10, 2022


Want to meet your customers where they are and provide support in an engaging and effective way? Streem is the key! - Streem is elevating customer experience across hundreds of businesses by integrating AR-powered remote video conferencing into traditional customer service tooling.

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⚾️ The Elevator Pitch:

The pandemic has shed light on the importance of remote lifestyles. Video conferencing applications across the board have experienced substantial growth and have now become the go-to tools for many organizations and communities. It’s easy to imagine how workers who are regularly using laptops can utilize the power of video conferencing but traditional roles like construction, real-estate, and other in-person professions in the service industry do not have as apparent a use case for video chat.

Streem is an AR + video conferencing company that wants to tackle this niche customer segment and ultimately elevate the customer service experience. Streem has built a patented, no-download, and secure video experience so customers can easily communicate and debug their experiences with expert service representatives. Streem has already partnered with the likes of Samsung, Best Buy, Lowe’s, etc, to integrate secure AR-enabled video conferencing into in-home devices and workspace.

Better business starts with StreemCore™ AR-Powered Video

👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://www.streem.com/
Founded: 2017
Stage: Seed
Tech trend: Machine Learning
Traction: 2000+ Active customers, raised $10.5M pre-seed from 15+ Investors, Featured in Forbes, New York Times, and Crunchbase.
Team - Leaders, Designers, and Business Developers in the creative world
Ryan Fink (CEO) | Sean Adkinson (CTO) | Spencer Huang (CRO)

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 🎛 Customizable Enterprise Platform
    Streem is built with full flexibility in mind to deliver customized, and effective custom experiences. The enterprise solution requires no IT to start and can be quickly scaled to meet the requirements of today’s business tooling. For example, a customer using Streem can use the nifty AR laser point to digitally point at, draw, and effectively communicate problems in real life using the power of augmented reality.
  2. 🔑 Big Data is the Key
    Large organizations are looking to communicate efficiently with their customers and capture data they could later learn from. Thereby creating better processing, we break down multiple support use cases,” says Ryan (CEO). Streem experiences are recorded and later analyzed to better understand trends in customer complaints so that companies can optimize their experiences accordingly.
  3. 🎥 The Future of AR is bright
    Augmented reality is really meant to enhance human capabilities; hence we’re seeing a lot of companies taking interest in this technology. From working on Streem and exploring different use cases, it is clear that the technology can be used in a lot of industries. Since the company raised $10M+ in a seed round, they are committed to expanding their workforce from 35 to 50+ employees by the end of 2022.

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Better business starts with StreemCore™ AR-Powered Video