December 27, 2021


You’ve heard of the Great Resignation - everyone’s quitting their jobs. This week’s startup, Tal&Dev, uses specialized tools to help people find jobs they mesh with. Let’s check them out!

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⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

Currently sitting at a whopping $15.6 billion, the market size for Job Training & Career Counseling in the U.S has grown 2% per year on average between 2016 and 2021. Tal&Dev uses a four-step process to match their candidates to the jobs of their dreams:

  1. Assess - Tal&Dev takes you through a 10-15 minute short quiz that gauges your work style, aptitudes, and aspirations.
  2. Analyze - Using the results from the assessment, Tal&Dev figures out which career paths best align with your current stage of life.
  3. Improve - Tal&Dev then prescribes coaches and programs that help you elevate in aspects that you could improve on.
  4. Match - When you’re ready, Tal&Dev makes warm connections with jobs across industries that align with what you’re looking for and where you would make a competitive candidate.

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Tal&Dev is already used by many employees at Visa, Mars, Amazon, and more.

👇 The Drop Down

Founded: 2019
Trend: Talent
Traction: Used by employees at Visa, Mars, Amazon, etc; Fleshed out Assessment, Analysis, and Matching product; Privately Funded, based in Europe
Team: Experts & Career Coaches across industries
Michele Volpi - Founder & CEO
Bianca Colonnello - Chief Administrative Officer
Nicola Volpi - Chief Growth Officer

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 🦑 Vertically Integrated
    There are many products and services out there that do job matching, career coaching, and assessments but, Tal&Dev is one of the few players who consolidates all three of those into one platform - which is naturally an amazing experience for end-users. Due to this consolidation, Tal&Dev users are able to take assessments, get analysis, improve via coaching, and land a job all from a one stop shop. Lowering their barrier to entry is a huge win over competitors.
  2. 💕 Their customers love them!
    If you take one look at Tal&Dev’s online presence, you’ll immediately see that their customers love them (both candidates and companies alike). Testimonials mention how Tal&Dev has re-ignited their career passion, how coaches mentored them and helped them stay on track, and how people used Tal&Dev metrics reporting to get better feedback and improvement cycles with their bosses.
  3. 📊 Data Driven Business
    Everything about Tal&Dev is data driven - they have broken down the once complex problem of qualitative feedback into a quantitative formula that can be improved upon via programatic optimization functions. Upon assessment completion, Tal&Dev members can view their results and immediately identify strong points, and weak points, regarding their profile. Clear problem identification is the first step to any improvement. We believe that Tal&Dev’s emphasis on data and assessments gives them a big competitive edge to other players.

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