August 22, 2021
Remote Work


Virtual meeting rooms have been the same for years: a matrix of video screens, maybe with a screen share for collaboration. Why isn’t there more?

⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

You’re probably fatigued to hear about Zoom fatigue. There are so many ways to solve it, but why not start from the basics: the meeting room.

Tilde replaces the dull matrix of video streams with an innovative shared desktop experience, with avatars, notepads, multiple screen sharing embeds. With Tilde, these meetings are to be less about video conferencing and more about online workspaces, where people can collaborate live.

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👇 The Drop Down

Founded: 2021
Stage: Pre-seed
Trend: Virtual meetings
Team: Experience entrepreneurs with a knack for design
Chris Bourdon - Founder (Former Product Marketing Manager for macOS at Apple, CEO of Upthere (Sold to WD)
Laurent Baumann - Founder (Former macOS designer at Apple, Director of Product Design at WD)

🔍 Our analysis

  1. 🍯 Back to basics
    What we love about Tilde is that it redefines what the whole meeting room space should be like. Instead of the presentation-style format you get with Zoom or Hangouts, Tilde allows you to interact all in one platform. The joint sticky pads, multi-screen stream, make this a meeting room on steroids.
  2. 💪Persistent meeting rooms
    Unique to Tilde is that its rooms are what they call ‘persistent’. That means any accessory (files, sticky notes, whiteboards, etc.) that you add to the room stays in the room until you manually delete it. It's perfect for recurring meetings, like weekly sync-ups, so all the notes, todos, and resources are always available.
  3. 🔥 Can they keep up?
    Virtual meetings are HOT right now, with competitors springing up literally every day. We’re curious to see how Tilde keeps up, and out-innovates companies like Zoom whose core business is to make virtual meetings enjoyable.

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