December 27, 2021
Alternative Investments


AYou’re investing in crypto, but ever thought of wine instead? Vint is allowing the masses to add this unique asset class to their portfolios.

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⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

Fine wine is an asset where quality and scarcity appreciate over time - so does its price. To take advantage of this, usually you have to buy bottles and store them in a specialized facility for years and then sell them at a higher price. However, if wine collection and storing are not for you, then you can always buy shares in collections of fine wine, spirits, and other offerings.

Vint, a new Richmond-based wine investment platform, diversifies your investment with shares in a world-class wine collection. Investors can purchase SEC-qualified shares through a transparent & efficient platform. In one example, a 12-bottle case of 1988 Domaine de la Romanee Conti sold at around $305,000 last year.

👇 The Drop Down

Founded: 2019
Stage: Seed
Tech trend: Alternative Investments
Traction: 10 Collections sold out (all within 48 hours of launch), nearly $900k invested in first 5 months, $1.7m in Venture Funding from Fintech Ventures & Slow Ventures, Featured on Bizjournals
Team: Entrepreneurs, Financial Analysts, Wine Professionals
Nick King (CEO), Patrick Sanders (CTO)

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 🪙 SEC Qualified
    Vint received its United States Securities and Exchange qualification early in the days and all its offerings can be found on the SEC website. Vint's approach to this is transparent as investors want to know what wines they are investing in and what are unique factors that will help them land a huge profit in the future. CEO and Co-Founder Nick King says he’s looking to expand the business into the alternative trading system as well.
  2. 🍷 They pick the finest of collections
    During the launch collection, King says that the California wines collection, which comprised of 1000 shares of $46, sold out in just 51 minutes. The offering brought ~80 investors as they are the early adopters who are familiar with the wine investing concept. Billy Galanko and their Wine Investment Committee are tasked to find the best collection in town and enlist them on the website for customers to bid. All the sourcing partners are well-vetted industry experts who have a long track record of success and trust.
  3. 🛩️ From Sourcing to Selling
    Vint removes all the hassle when it comes to wine investment. The company brings value to its customers by storing, transportation, sourcing, sales, insurance, and all the other terminologies involved. All you have to do is just browse the collection, buy the shares, and handle the sales afterward. And the best part, there are no annual fees for this. Vint takes a small sourcing fee for each offering.

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