December 27, 2021


This past year, we’ve seen amazing startups emerge in the financial technology sector - namely, Coinbase, Robinhood, Public, and more. The problem many investors face today is, “How do I manage all this?” This weeks startup, Vise, is the future of investment management. Let’s check them out!

Vise, The AI-powered Investment Management Platform, Secures $45 Million  Series B Funding Led By Sequoia

⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

Vise launched in November 2019 from the belief that humans, who are armed with the right technology, are more than adept at handling their own financial affairs. Bolstered by this, Vise built tools and services that support the entire lifecycle of the client-advisor relationship via artificial intelligence powered automation. Their algorithms do a multitude of things from creating tailored portfolios, hedging against market turbulence, and uncovering a variety of investment options. All of these tools, in conjunction, make for a powerful and clean one-stop interface that makes any retail investor as capable at investing as a trained professional.

Since its inception, Vise has already signed up many notable firms to their platform like Barber Financial Group, Hexagon Capital Partners, and Aurelien Capital Partners. They’ve been growing rapidly in the past year - from 6 to 100 employees and are continuing, rapidly, on their journey to create financial freedom.

Trillions are at stake in the retirement wars, and Vise nets $14.5M from  Sequoia to manage it | TechCrunch

👇 The Drop Down

Trend: Fintech
Traction: Quadrupled Customer Base, Recently raised Series C and valued at $1 Bil, Funded by Ribbit Capital & Sequoia Capital
Team: Over 20 years of experience and innovation in the tequila industry
Samir Vasavada - CEO & Co-Founder
Runik Mehrotra - Chief Investment Officer & Co-Founder

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 🍇 Clean Consolidation is King
    There are many platforms that exist nowadays that help retail investors invest - from Masterworks for art, Robinhood for stocks, Coinbase for crypto, and more. The problem is, it’s hard to keep track of opportunities across dozens of platforms, and also difficult to keep track of portfolio performance over all these platforms. Having tons of options is powerful, but can also be overwhelming. Vise makes it easy for people to easily keep track of their options, investments, and make educated & data-driven decisions to manage their money.
  2. 😎 Clean User Interface
    Considering how powerful Vise is, it’s amazing to us how clean their end-interface is for their users. Every investment can be back-traced to an informed paragraph explaining why the investment was made. Balanced portfolios are auto-generated based on risk profiles, restrictions, and asset classes. Additionally, they take personalization during onboarding to a whole new level by collecting information regarding investment horizons, portfolio targets, and more. We think Vise took a once-complicated process and synthesized it into something any investor can easily understand. This ultimately reduces the barrier to entry and makes financial freedom a reality for the masses.

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