December 27, 2021
Internet Content


This week’s startup:
Information overload is the condition where excess information prevents a person from making decisions and makes it difficult to process situations. This week’s startup, Volv, condenses huge amounts of information into a bite sized and digestible format — let’s check them out!

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The Elevator Pitch:

Everyone wants to be that cool, smart, and ‘in-the-know’ person that has context on all the interesting things that are going on around the world — from news, sport updates, best investments, and more. The problem is, most people have a ton of interests, but zero time and zero patience. Even though they subscribe to a bunch of newsletters and buy a lot of books, they end up saving items (or archiving them) and ultimately have a clogged inbox.

That’s where Volv comes in. Volv is a new-age interactive content app for the curious, yet attention-deficit generation. They use TikTok-esque formulas to give their audience the best content on the internet in 9-second reads — all in real time. They have an app for both iOS and Android and are backed by With over 10 million stories swiped and 100+ countries covered, Volv may very well be the next source of content for this generation.

Volv – Because less is more

👇 The Drop Down

Founded: 2019
Stage: Seed
Tech trend: Internet Content
Traction: 11 million stories swiped, Featured on Forbes & Business Insider, Backed by, users in 100+ countries (all organic), have partnership with IndieHackers, launching new product soon (called Boost)
Team - Serial Entrepreneurs
Shannon Almeida (Co-founder)
Priyanka Vazirani (Co-founder)

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 📈 A (literal) 10x solution
    Content consumption today can be described with one word: ‘frustrating’. We have so many sources of content from social media, newsletters, podcasts to emails, messages, video apps, and more. Since there are so many avenues, it can lead to quite an exhausting and confusing experience for users. With Volv, users are simply given the ‘best’ content on the internet — with curation done for them, people don’t need to worry about curating their own content.
  2. 😎 Writer Discovery is Built In
    Currently, if you're a writer or if you have a newsletter you need to build a following on Twitter or any other social media platform to get people to subscribe to your content. With Volv, writers can get discovered with the help of their unique UI and their focus on writer "discoverability". By following top writers and writers you like, you can stay in the known with creator content that you like to read.
  3. ☀️ Great reading + curation experience
    Every article you see on Volv can fit into one screenshot — they want everything you see to be bite sized and understood in 9 seconds. Volv also built an amazing curation engine that serves you relevant & interesting content based on prior engagement patterns.

🤝 Get involved with Volv

  • Check out their website to download their app, it's free!
  • Check out their fellowship program - this is for any student
  • Check out their creator program - this is for all writers