October 9, 2021


Hello! This week, we have three updates for you:

A. 🦄 Unicorn Club Opportunities
B. 🚀 This weeks startup, Pry Finance
C. 💙 Exciting Update from a DailyDropout Company: Glimpse

🦄 A. Unicorn Club Opportunities

Work at a unicorn company before it goes big. We partner with dozens of high growth startups around the world to help identify and place our members at amazing opportunities. This week, we have two exciting opportunities for you all:

  1. 📚 Playground (website) - React Frontend Developer
    Playground built a suite of tools that school admin, teachers, and parents use to deliver the best possible childcare. Apply Today →
  2. 👁 Glimpse (website) - Full Stack Developers + Growth Interns
    Glimpse is the app to spice up your virtual events. Effortlessly set up new rooms, and share them on Slack, Zoom, and more! Apply Today →

🚀 B. This weeks startup: Pry Finance

This week’s startup, Pry Finance, is a company that wants you to ditch the spreadsheets and equip yourself with a system, designed for founders managing finances. Let’s check them out!

The Elevator Pitch:

Managing your money isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially for startups that already have a lot on their plate. Now that most of us don’t manage a checkbook, expenses, or tracking copy, the world of financing is definitely looking for something to easily manage its operations.

Pry Finance wants to take charge of your startup finances whether it’s bookkeeping, financial projection, or anything else in the realm. Along with a powerful dashboard interface, you’ve got the option to manually create your own visualizations and check the main financial metrics that are important for your business. Andy Su, the founder of Pry, said: "One member was able to find a way to save $15,000 by catching a tax issue".

👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://pry.co/
Founded: 2019
Stage: Seed
Tech trend: Financing
Traction: Raised Y combinator alum $4.2 million, 35% growth every month with over 200 customers, Featured by TechCrunch.
Team: Financers, Marketers, and Analysts
Any Su (CEO) | Alex Sailer (CFO) | Tiffany Wong (Head of Ops)

🔍 Why we like it

  1. ⏰ Years of experience, leading to this
    Before starting Pry, Andy Su was running inDinero, another financing app that follows the same “meant for small business” approach. Su worked there for more than 11 years and started Pry as a side project. He said he doesn’t like spreadsheets and he was always interesting in building tooling for startups who that couldn’t afford expensive accounting software. Pry starts at $50 with an easy-to-understand dashboard that anyone can use. Plus, the dashboard can be easily connected with your bank account, Xero, or QuickBooks for continuous updates.
  2. 🚀 There’s more to come!
    Su said he’s also working on some complex financing models which he would like to include in future updates. As of now, the company deals in financial projections, headcount planning, bookkeeping, KPI dashboard, and scenario planning - all of which are more than enough to serve the typical startup. Su says that the system is specifically best for someone who hasn’t yet dealt with finances’ or has been doing it all along with the help of spreadsheets.
  3. 🎨 They have the best designer team in-house
    Pry has managed to build an amazing team of expert designers, developers, and assets managers. A first-time user will never feel like they are using an unpolished beta. It is refined and the User Interface is highly motivated by some of the top financing apps like Prism, YNAB, and mint.

🤝 Get involved with Pry.co

  • You can signup for a 14 days trial period on their website
  • They share some amazing tax/finances’ related news on Twitter
  • Complete A to Z guide on how to manage your finances here

💙 C. An Update from a Portfolio Member: Glimpse

Glimpse (Drop #9) is making moves!

Helena, CEO and Co-Founder at Glimpse, dropped out of Duke after her freshmen year to pursue startups. Their mission is to build authentic relationships, and have been growing since their launch in March 2020 when covid shut the world down. Recently they announced their Zoom partnership: Glimpse has early access to building directly into Zoom, and their goal is to beautify and automate breakout room rotations (check out Shuffle here).

They are looking for beta testers who are current students or working professionals using Zoom actively. Helena is also always happy to chat with future founders considering dropping out of undergrad.

Check out Glimpse

Pry financial report showing transparent financials with bank balance, income vs expenses, runway, and top expenses chart.